Translate meaning, not just words

Why Euroglot

Translation is more than just converting words from one language to the other. Translation is transferring the correct meaning of a message as intended by the writer into another language. The reader should feel as if the text was written in their native language. Euroglot’s online platform helps you to translate meaning between English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.
  • Machine Translation Post Editing with integrated professional dictionary resources
  • Check and improve the quality of your machine translation.
  • Get suggestions for a better translation
  • Specialist dictionaries with medical, technical, legal, financial and IT terminology included.

Be more productive with Machine Translation

Use Machine Translation to speed up your translation process, but be careful, MT does not always provide correct translations. Use the best of both and combine MT with our linguistic resources to find the right words and control or improve your translations.

Choose for quality translations

Post-edit your machine translation. Select a word, lookup the  English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish or Italian with the included dictionary and thesaurus resources. Check and replace if necessary. Take care of ambiguity, specialized terminology and idiomatic expressions and make your translation better and more fluent.

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