Accurate translations at lightning speed in your brand voice

Euroglot Online is a self-service translation platform and combines the power of human translations with the speed of neural machine translation. This results in faster access to quality multilingual content

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Localized content does matter!

According to researchers 57% of consumers finds the ability to obtain information in their own language more important than price! Adapting existing products to new markets through translation and localization management is key for global growth. It's time to translate your website into the language of your target audience. 

Import your website text , translate automatically and post-edit

You can import your website text from any website. It will get automatically translated, assigned to a post-editor who will create unique content out of the Machine Translation.

Use Euroglot as a complete translation management system

With a Premium account you can use Euroglot Online as a translation management system to store and improve your translation using our language tools. 

Getting to multi lingual content faster:

Of course you want your multilingual content as fast as possible. Machine Translation can be of help. However, we cannot rely solely on Machine Translation and it's not suitable for every type of text. That doesn't mean it cannot be used as a tool to speed up the translation process. A study by the University of Groningen and Dublin University found that the post-editing of Neural Machine Translation resulted in 36% higher productivity than translating from scratch.

Why is Euroglot Online special?

We like to keep things simple. Get to quality multilingual content that is ready to publish within 4 steps if you have a one time job:

Upload your content

Choose for light or full post-editing. When you upload your content we will calculate your price. After we have received your payment we are ready to go!

Translate automatically

Your content gets pre-translated by DeepL, the best neural machine translation system at the market right now.

The translation task is assigned to a post-editor

All our post editors are native speakers, that have access to build in high quality post-editing resources so they can work as efficient as possible.

Your final translation is ready to publish!

In case you are not completely happy, you can ask for one revision.

Translation management system

Euroglot is a fully featured translation management system with the following features:


Optimized for English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian

Euroglot Online translation management system is optimized for English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian

Add your own terminology

Add your own glossaries with company specific terminology and translation memories which are included in the pre-translation.

Work with your team on a translation project

Assign tasks to members of your team

Machine Translation

Built-in Machine Translation volumes

Built-in multilingual dictionaries

Built-in conceptual multilingual dictionaries with words, expressions, proverbs and specialized Technical,Medical, Legal and Financial terminology

Built in CAT Tool

Work on your projects and store them in our user-friendly CAT tool